Erasmus+ Back to School Life corner

The Erasmus+ Back to School Life corner was set up at the language lobby in the second floor of the school. There are all the Erasmus+ partner countries and towns marked on the map. The project products and photos of visits were displayed around the map.


As a first Erasmus+ Back to School Life project the pupils prepared bookmarks in each partner country. And according to our project’s theme, the visual appearance of bookmarks had to be related to school and/or learning somehow. Then on the other side of the bookmark pupils wrote texts in English. Since the bookmarks were completed, they were laminated and the tassels were attached to the bookmarks.

The bookmarks were exchanged between representatives of different countries at a project meeting. The bookmarks received were displayed on the Erasmus+ notice board located in the school corridor on the second floor.

Getting to know our partner countries/Portugal




We recommend You all to learn it, while in Gondomar! And to taste these!

Holding an Art Exhibition

Class 3C/Heidi Mouhu held an Art Exhibition in spring 2017. The theme was a Finnish nature for the Finnish 100 years independence.

Art Exhibition

JYVÄSKYLÄ AND ME: The favourite place in my hometown

by CLASSES 1 abc and 2 abc  
Material: Tourist map of Jyväskylä + coloured paper

Getting to know the World famous architect Alvar Aalto. There are Even 28 building Designer by Alvar Aalto Here in our home town.

And he is also famous for the other pieces of Art as well: glassware, furniture, lamps etc.

This is the famous Alvar Aalto share. Now filled with the most beautiful Finnish scenery.

A Book Club

Classes 3A, 3B and 3C had book clubs in spring 2017

3C/Heidi Mouhu book club project

3C read a children book about a captain, sailors and a treasure. They started to construct the story of the book right from the beginning of the project. At first the students picked the main characters and main scenes and wrote a descriptions of them. After reading a Book, students chose different episode and draw comics. Finally the students were divided in three groups. One group started to compose a rap and choreography, one group started to write a play and one group draw a giant poster concerning the book. The Book club was run by three student teachers in 3C.

Activities with Seniors at a Nursing Home

Classes 3A, 3B and 3C visited Nursing Home in spring 2017.

3C/Heidi Mouhu project

The students prepared some performances and practised couple of singalong songs beforehand. During the visit the students had their performances and we sang together with the seniors. Before leaving the students shaked everybody’s hands and said “Have a nice spring” to everybody. Afterwards the students told that they learned many things during a visit, e.g. that seniors really are old and that they noticed that the senses and the cognitive and motoric skills of the seniors were weakened. The students also told that they observed that the seniors were delighted the visit as did they themselves.

Performing a Play with Puppets

Class 1C/Merja Kuosmanen pupils prepared puppets and scenes and performed a play.

Voicing a Book

Class 4C pupils are big sister and big brother students to the class 1C students. Class 4C voiced children books to class 1C. In the pictures below 1C and 4C students are watching and listening the voiced books.

Big sister/brother mates